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AgriPort Life (’s Trusted AgriCulture Service Provider and Export Company—is Now TradeMarked / Patented by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, and the Controller General of Patent Design and Trade Marks, Government of India.

Trademarks enable us to demonstrate to our customers our commitment to trust and how AgriPort aims to build a truly trusted AgriCulture Ecosystem. AgriPort Life aims to deliver only quality products/commodities to its customers worldwide and has also developed an export management system that allows customers to build and do business without the fear of being frauded or cheated by scammers, which every exporter is aware of. AgriPort Life started back in 2019 and since then has been aiming to develop a more trusted management system that will allow traders, manufacturers, and customers to deal more effectively, contributing to the development of Geographic Economies. 

The strengthening of this system will allow seemless transactions and also reach locations where it was very difficult to reach earlier and do transactions on TRUST. A thorough evaluation is necessary for every export transaction, and AgriPort Life ensures that for any AgriCulture commodity.

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